About Thorn Creative

Digital design and development specialists for Small Business

Thorn Creative is an online digital design and development agency based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a friendly team of creatives that love supporting other small businesses (because we are one too!).

With our collective experience with clients in a wide range of industries including health and beauty, trades, not-for-profits, legal services and other professionals we know what makes your website feel like a ‘thorn in your side’.

We’ve brought together everything we know you find most frustrating about websites and made it easy. No industry jargon and no irritating language barriers (always speak to an Aussie!). 

We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your business online, from domain registration and hosting right through the design of your website and on-going marketing to get customers through the door. 

Let us show you how!

We are also now offering integrated database development & consultancy, specialising in support for the low-code platform Ninox. Ditch the spreadsheets and paper filing cabinets, save Karen some time and automate, automate, automate!

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Our digital marketers, designers and coders work from home offices all over Australia.

We used to have commercial space, but the rent alone meant we had to increase our prices just to break even. So instead, we broke with tradition (how very millennial of us!) and work from wherever we have our laptop and an internet connection. 

We are even more accessible to our clients, as work and life balance are moulded together. And rather than helping us pay for swanky digs, you get better value for money on your project… all while supporting our little ballerina’s with dance lessons!

Thorn Creative are all about small businesses - after all, we are one too!
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