5 Essential things to know before you register a domain name

Your domain name is the URL/website address that your customers will use to find your website online. It’s something you want to get right first try! These are the essential 5 things to know before you register a domain name – heed these and you’ll get the perfect domain… at the right price. 1. Keep […]

What makes a good website design

Unless you’re a website designer, you probably don’t spend much time comparing design features on different websites? However, everyone can ‘feel it’ when they have landed on high quality website design. What makes a good website design that really works? Design is subjective, there’s always colours and styles you do or don’t like. BUT, there […]

Why you should NOT hire a website designer

If you only ready the headline of this post, I’ll forgive you for thinking I must be crazy! After all, why is a website design business, telling you NOT to hire a website designer? Well, allow me to explain myself. Let’s say your cousin is a web designer who builds websites as a side hustle. […]

The best (free) Australian online directories to get customers now.

The GREAT news – get a custom online database, without the custom app price tag. As mentioned above, custom developers charge a premium price for custom codework – and rightly so. If you’ve ever looked into how complex coding can get, then you’ll understand they earn every dollar! With millions of small businesses priced out […]

How to conquer your overwhelming inbox!

Ahh emails, it’s a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? It’s convenient for dishing out invoices quickly and coordinating with people in different time zones; but for all its convenience, it is also one of the BIGGEST TIME SUCKERS for small businesses. The inbox zero system below will save you time every day. And while we’re on […]