Custom database development

Save time & make the most of your business data.

custom database development

Are you overwhelmed with spreadsheets or losing valuable data? Struggling to see the big picture? Save money, time and improve data accuracy with an integrated database solution.

Just imagine doing business with a place to…

store all your client information so you can access it anytime you need it?

organise years of business information in a user friendly format?

quickly see live KPI reports to check how your business is going?

coordinate with your team while out in the field or wherever they are in the world?

email quotes to your customer while onsite?

track your stock/inventory with barcodes/QR codes from your phone?

upload file attachments directly into your database so its all in one place?

rearrange your data easily, without needing to seek a developer to move a button?

It might seem like a pipe dream, but all of this and more is possible with custom database development!

We’ll help you build a custom database system for any industry…

Which means, no more messy spreadsheets or overflowing filing cabinets!

Access from any where in the world, on any device

(You can access your database from anywhere with the Ninox app, even without an internet connection!)

Ninox database available on any screen

Combine all your spreadsheets into one place so nothing gets lost

Improve that all important data accuracy with one central data hub
ditch the spreadsheets and use Ninox database instead!

Just the features you NEED and none you don’t

We’ll design a custom database tailored to the unique needs of your business, no unnecessary features

Streamline your processes and get back to business

Use features like QR codes and integrated forms to automate processes like inventory management and filing

Make changes yourself, as you go

Unlike most developers, we empower you to make changes yourself and best of all, you’ll never need to write a line of code!

Powerful visualisation tools

We can create real-time graphs and chart options so you can get the information you need quickly

Integrate your database with your favourite apps

We can hook you up! Connect to your favourite apps so you can save data entry time moving data between apps

Go paperless

Save money and trees with an end to end paperless system

Your Australian Ninox Database Experts

Thorn Creative have partnered with Ninox Database, bringing this unique opportunity to Australian small and medium businesses! We work closely with our clients to develop custom databases or consultancy and training on the Ninox database platform.
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