Do I need a CRM?

Do I need a CRM? are you running your business with spreadsheets and sticky notes? are you waiting to get back to the office before scheduling your client’s next appointment?

Chances are you need a CRM or maybe you have peeped through the curtain to see there are far too many options out there and it’s an impossible decision to make or due to cost you cant pull the trigger.

Choose CRM

Daunting though this decision can be for business owners it does not need to be difficult as there are a plethora of options out there, my question to you is… why not build your own?

I want to introduce to you a fantastic option that is cost-effective, customizable, scalable, and actually fun to work with, Ninox.

Ninox is not a proprietary CRM but a customizable relational database that can be made to do many things for a business on a budget or a 1 person army.

With Ninox you can build and customize your solution specifically to your business needs from storing your client data to scheduling out your appointments and even sending emails, all achievable by you!

Ninox also has the ability to integrate with many systems including your accounting software via Integromat or Zapier.

Can you help?

Yes! we understand that you are a busy person and we at Thorn Creative can work with you to build a solution for your business. Request a quote

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