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Internet Explorer is officially dead – what you need to know

15 December, 2022

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Internet Explorer (IE) Is officially dead as Microsoft ends all support

After many years as top dog in the browser market, Internet explorer has been on the way out for quite some time. With the rise of Google Chrome and Safari, and in 2015 with the release of Internet Explorer’s replacement Edge, we all knew this was coming.

Internet explorer reached its end of life in June 2022. Microsoft no longer supports this old dinosaur, as it cuts off all life support for IE on windows devices.

The last version of IE, Internet Explorer 11 will be permanently disabled for certain versions of Windows 10 as part of the Feb 2023 Windows security update.

Why should you care? (you're probably not using IE anyway)

Even if you’re a Chrome or Safari user, or battling it out with glitchy Microsoft Edge, this notice comes as a good reminder that technology evolves fast, and if you don’t keep your devices updated, you’ll eventually run into problems.

It’s risky to keep old technology that no longer receives support on your devices. Cyber criminals exploit older tools that are no longer supported with security updates, as it leaves an open invitation to breach your network. In the case of IE, Microsoft will never address these because they have retired the software, so continue using old tech at your own risk.

If you are using IE still (especially to access old legacy sites) you’ll need to transition to Microsoft Edge. It has an option for ‘IE mode’ which will help you transition, but ultimately you’ll need to update any systems/sites that rely on IE.


Update your devices now.

I know, I know. with updates come CHANGE, and sometimes that can be unsettling and annoying. However, hanging onto old versions of your browser, operating system or even WordPress plugins will mean you’re more vulnerable to sketchy hacks, and also run into more glitches or problems.

If you’re unsure, Google the update changelog and see whats coming and how that may affect you.

Update your website carefully

Before you even look at the page, take a full backup before updating anything. Updating WordPress plugins is not always as straightforward as clicking the update button – which is why we offer maintenance packages to support our clients. Updating these is all about timing, ensuring that the updates have been available sufficiently long enough to work out the kinks and that each plugin will play nice with the others you have installed. Things can definitely break otherwise!

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