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Introducing Brevo – our new favourite toy to grow audiences

31 July, 2023

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What is Brevo?

Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) is an email platform we’ve been using for about 18 months for transactional email delivery. It works AMAZING for that purpose, and we have had a huge increase in emails actually landing in inboxes since implementing it.

After conducting a deep dive into the current options available for email marketing, Brevo has come on top for email marketing as well. Its about half the price of the bigger email platforms, has none of the fluffy extra features you’d never use and is such a straightforward, streamlined back end perfect for time-poor business owners and authors.

Why MailChimp has lost its lustre (to us at least)

When it comes to automated email delivery and marketing, we’ve been using our old faithful MailChimp for years (and years) for both ourselves, and our clients. However, after relatively recent corporate restructuring (MailChimp is now an intuit branded product), their pricing structure has also changed, throttling a lot of the features I used to love, and filling the back-end with unnecessary dribble none of my clients will ever use.

When you can wade through the complex, messy system to find what you need, MailChimp still delivers and is a great platform. However, I think its has now gotten too big for its boots, trying to be too many things all at once and its not very user friendly anymore.

Time-poor entrepreneurs, authors and start ups have enough to deal with, without getting bogged down in complex automations and confusing (and expensive) pricing structures.

Brevo could save you $890 or more per year (easily)

Firstly on pricing, as that is a huge factor for most of the clients I work with. Brevo has a free tier, sending 300 emails per day. You can play around with all other features BEFORE paying a dime, so if you’re looking for an email delivery platform, sign up and have a go.

Another monetary thing I love about Brevo, is you’re billed in AUD – no more factoring in USD exchange people!

For paid plans, you are billed for the emails you send, not for the number of contacts, which is to me, a huge advantage over other platforms that usually charge for the size of your contact list. The resources offered are really generous and you can go your hardest on automated sales flows, which is such a powerful tool.

For comparison, if you have an audience of 3500 contacts, you could be paying $120 per month to MailChimp or $55 to Brevo… That’s $890 you’d save each year and in this climate where everyone needs to review their spending… that’s huge!


What can you do with Brevo?

Before now, we had only really played around with the transactional email side of Brevo. But it can do a whole lot more than that!

  • Email marketing – newsletters, sales, automated follow ups, birthday messages, eCommerce abandoned cart…. so many options!
  • SMS marketing/booking/follow up
  • Lead management
  • Website Live Chat
  • and more…

Want extra help with Brevo? Contact us for support

Signup to Brevo using the link on this page, or contact us to connect as our client. As your Brevo Partner, we can help with setting up your account, integration and automations!

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