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With our help as your Ninox partner, upgrade your business processes and say farewell to paper and spreadsheets...

Capture. Integrate. {Automate}

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ninox. The little database that could

Ninox is a powerfully simple database solution for any industry. Have your own custom CRM, Project Management or reference database and collaborate with your teams, anywhere in the world!


Anywhere, anytime. Work with your teams across the globe, or simply create an invoice on the job site.

  • User-friendly mobile & tablet app
  • Collaborate with international teams
  • Secure, GDPR compliant servers


Stop double-handling information and integrate your Ninox database!

  • Accounting software
  • Email/SMS marketing apps
  • From/to your own website


Save time and money and automate repetitive admin tasks!

  • Email reminders
  • Send calendar invitations
  • Generate data based on your own formulas

Never heard of Ninox? TRY IT FREE!

Want to have a play around before you commit to a project with us? No problem! Ninox offer a 30 day free trial, where you can check it all out, and have a crack at making your own database from scratch, or by using a template.

A whole new level of data insights, control & automation.

Out of the box, Ninox is an easy to customise platform that anyone can use!

But, if you’re looking to really take advantage of its potential for automation and integration with your other apps, then we are your people.

As a registered Ninox Partner (one of the first in Australia), we are involved in a number of projects internationally, bringing this new exciting opportunity to businesses in the southern hemisphere.

We are available for consultancy on your project, or to build your entire vision for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ninox

Of course! Not all business owners have the time or interest in designing and developing their own. Plus, while Ninox can do a lot out of the box, there are often advanced coding elements required to really make your new database sing.  Stick to what you do best, and work with us to craft a high quality database to automate your business workflows. 

Yes, Ninox is fully GDPR compliant and protected by various encryption and backup/monitoring policies. Find out more about Ninox security

Yes! Ninox has ready to go apps to connect to your online database from any device. These apps connect to your database when you have an internet connection, and sync any offline changes when you come back into range.

How long is a piece of string!? Ninox is powerful and scalable, so you could easily start off with a simple database you can create in less than an hour. Or, if you have a complex business process that needs to be automated, your project could take 6 months. It all comes down to what you want to include! Thorn Creative is a small agency, therefore new projects are accepted subject to availability. We work with only 3-4 database projects at a time, so we can focus on providing a high quality outcome to each client. Book a consult to check if Ninox/Thorn Creative is the right solution for your business. 

YES! We have upgraded Microsoft Access databases to Ninox, with great results. Book a free strategy call to discuss your database with one of our team to see if Ninox is the right fit for your business.

Ninox is one of the most affordable, powerful online database platform we know of. That’s why we partnered with Ninox, because it gives you powerful admin insights, without high ongoing costs. To give you an idea, Ninox is a monthly subscription starting at just ~$8 USD per month, per user. That’s it!

Yes! If you are interested in a little learning, and have the time to spare you can absolutely design and create your own business software applications on Ninox. That’s the whole point – its a beautiful, user friendly low-code platform.

And if you get stuck we offer consultancy for Ninox database via Zoom.

We love pushing Ninox to the limit with custom applications of all types.

We build clean, intuitive layouts and workflows into your database.