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custom project management app case study

AVEAZI Project Mgmt

case study

Custom project management app case study

Hosted on Vercel and using the magic of Sveltekit, AVEAZI is a custom project management app developed to allow engineers to capture data in real time during the installation and commissioning of audio visual equipment.

AVEAZI also allows for its UK-based users to plan ahead as the app is project based, allowing users to see exactly what they will be working on from day to day.

Thorn Creative designed and developed the app in consultation with the visionary behind the project Alan, and will continue to provide support and updates moving forward.

AVEAZI is primarily an Audio-Visual project management suite and as such is used by both Integration Managers and Engineers in the field. Engineers, due to the nature of their profession rely mostly on mobile phones. It is because of the restrictive interface of the mobile phone that a solution was required to input and retrieve data ‘in the field’ in a way that was both functional and user friendly. Thorn Creative have met a somewhat difficult challenge in providing an excellent solution. The AVEAZI mobile app both complements and enhances the usability of AVEAZI for users both in the office and at the coal face. Thank you, Scott, and Kirsty (The Thorn Family).
Alan Cooke
Founder, AVEAZI (UK)

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