peace of mind {website maintenance plans}

Set and forget plans to keep your WordPress website running smoothly.

Just like your car needs a mechanic, your website needs a webmaster.

Your website is also like your smartphone: Updates are released frequently, and if you don’t keep it up to date, things can stop working, and become vulnerable to hackers. 

Your webmaster keeps everything ticking along nicely. You can rest easy knowing that your website is being monitored, your software kept up to date and, if the worst happens – your website files are safely backed up. 

secure website hosting

all webmaster plans include secure hosting on Australian servers.

domain registration

forget domain renewal invoices forever! 1 domain included in your monthly fee.

core + plugin updates

Each month we will test new software updates on a staging copy of your site before it goes live, ensuring nothing breaks when we update your WP core or plugins.

safely all backed up

Our hosting environment runs hourly Acronis backups for your entire account (website, emails and database). Each month, we will also take a manual back up as an extra precaution.

priority support

You'll be first in line for support when you need it and have personal contact with your account manager - no confusing ticket systems, just a real (Aussie) person.

monthly WordPress maintenance plans

These maintenance plans are only available on websites built on WordPress + Elementor. If you’re not sure what that means, or if your site was built with something else, talk to us about converting it! 

If you are considering one of our website subscription plans, all website maintenance is already included – yay!

Frequently asked Questions about website maintenance plans.

No! You are free to cancel your Website Maintenance services at any time, although we have no idea why anyone would want to do that. Seriously.

If your site ‘breaks’ or is hacked, then we will immediately begin work to repair it. If the repair doesn’t work, we will restore a backup of the site from within the last 48 hours and work to harden your website against future attacks.

If you’re editing your website and make a mistake, we are able to restore that page to a previous version no problem at all. If the change you were trying to make can be resolved in 30 mins or less, we will do it for you. 

This depends! Please contact us and we’ll run an audit on your website to see if we are able to cover your site. 

We support self-hosted WordPress sites ONLY. We do not support websites built on any other CMS, or  sites hosted on If your site is built on Wix, Squarespace or another platform, talk to us about a migration to WordPress. 

How well we can fix issues on your wordpress site depends on the theme you have installed. Free themes often come with limitations that may prevent us from editing code if required. 

We cannot offer our full guarantees on external hosting servers. Things like page load speeds, automated server backups, SSL etc are dependent on the quality of your hosting plan.

We do offer free website migrations if you’d like to change over though!

It is also important to note that we work exclusively with WordPress, so if your site is built on something else we are not your people!

Having a webmaster plan in place does not guarantee your website will not be hacked. Even the most robust online security platforms cannot guarantee that. However maintaining the software on your website does dramatically reduce the likelihood of a successful hacking attempt. And by keeping a regular backup schedule, we ensure that should something go wrong, we can quickly restore a version of your site.