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Your branding is not just your logo, it’s what people say about you when you leave the room

Just one look at your logo tells a person 1000 things about your business. Are you professional or quirky? For kids or adults? Sophisticated or edgy? Warm or clinical? Exciting or relaxing?

More than the image or words, the feel and emotion that you convey with your graphic design is vital for helping customers understand how to engage with you.

And keeping the same feel everywhere is the difference between a confused slap-together and a professional & cohesive look!

Need matching logo and business cards? Advertising flyers? Email templates? Social Media profiles & graphics?

We can tailor a custom package to suit your needs. Contact us for a free brand design consultation; even if we don’t work together you are guaranteed to a clearer picture of the brand you want to create!


Creativity takes time, and with your logo being the visual representation of your company – you want to make sure you’ve got it right. So while our logos might not be the cheapest you’ll find, we guarantee you will love it. Pricing from $599

  • 3 design concepts to choose from
  • Unlimited revisions! – We will tweak your chosen design until you’re 100% happy
  • Multiple formats provided at no extra charge

Social media branding
{profile design}

Social media is about more than just funny cat videos! Businesses just like yours are leveraging the power of ‘word of mouth’ online. It gives your customer a chance to socialise with your company, get to know you and build that ‘know, like trust’ factor.

If you’ve got a blurry workshop photo paired with a logo that’s cropped out of the box, then your profile need a facelift, pronto! An unprofessional facebook profile is like having a spray-painted name on torn piece of cardboard at the front of your store. It’s branding having a negative effect on your bottom line

*Pricing may vary if your design idea is particularly complex. Contact us to arrange a free consult!