Top 12 best Author Websites and why they’re awesome

We love working with Authors. The wordsmiths that cleverly whisk us away to distant magical lands, to build a better business or just make sense of life.

Being a serious Author in 2024 means having a website to connect with your readers. But what do you do on your website to make it stand out?

To help you get some ideas, we’ve collated our top 20 best Author Websites and a summary of what they do well!

Sarah J Maas

Rick Riordan

Monique Mulligan

(*cough, this one was designed by us, but we really love it!)

Melissa Ambrosini

Megan White

(*ahem, another one by our website design team!)

Jordanna Levin

Dr Michael Greger

Ahn Do

The Hybrid Author - Joanna Morrell

James Clear

Jim Kwik

Kaz Cooke

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